Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do Not Delay Good Errands

Ever thought of thanking someone? Helping someone? Or even something of service clicked your mind, but you felt restrained and said "not now - it isn't the right time". And what happens later is that you come to know that someone anonymous done that job; don't you take that as a blow to the face? When you had the presence of mind you did not avail and now someone stole the show.

It started happening with me not very late, that I had certain ideas to fulfill but me like an idiot kept delaying and I suffered the same fate :-( as described above.

Time teaches you many lessons, doesn't it? Friends, I was intuitive enough a week back to decipher this amazing thought. I'm sorry, I will not be outlining it - as it's CLASSIFIED.

Now don't target me that a writer is an OPEN BOOK and since I happen to fall in that category I'm equally the same. Come on... don't writers get to keep their secrets? You agree with me on that DAWG :-)

Coming back to the thought I had. This time I took the opportunity to be the first one taking the initiative. I performed that errand. I still do not know the outcome. How and what is going to happen. But I know, what I did, I felt a positive freedom inside. I felt a free bird. Certainly, the result (bad or good) I will share here with my viewers. Maybe somewhere someplace this post inspires someone.

I learned a golden principle from my godfather, that is: "SHARING". May it be food, wealth, merchandise, the sky's the limit.

The intuitive milestone I achieved was to quell the doubt of doing or not doing the errand. Guess what! I'm happy today by fulfilling it!


So junkies don't hold up yourselves for those good thoughts, or someone will steal the show.