Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fill in vs Fill out

In today’s modern trend we do not acknowledge the importance of usage of the English terms. It has rapidly increased in recent years gone-by. How often has it been that without having the proper etiquettes of phrasal verbs one just keeps on pursuing himself in the same direction. It is important to understand the fundamental differences between such terms as it will improve your phrasal vocabulary.

I have researched on one of the phrasal verbs’ term that I will be classifying in this article. Hope you get something out of it. The motto of my research was a brief conversation I had the other day with my colleague, and this led me to conduct an extensive research; our topic was “why do the terms FILL OUT & FILL IN - not the same and if they are, why don’t we use only one of them? I was perplexed at this query - paused for a while, thought of an answer and responded but I had not achieved the satisfaction within. It was just not it, and thus, I intuited to delve into these terms as to what could be the difference, finally surfing on the internet I came across website which cleared my confusion.

Look below and you will see a concrete difference between the two:

The encircled picture (1.a) illustrates the phrasal meaning of ‘fill in’ i.e. (to provide with information) whereas circle (1.b) elucidates ‘fill out’ as (by providing required information). Hence, we see a significant difference between these two. See the explanation below:

Fill in: represents to provide with information, e.g., you go to a bank, and request for an account opening form now the teller would ask you to fill out the form, on the contrary your obligation is to fill in the blanks – P.S. you are at liberty to provide additional information. Hence (you are providing to the bank with information).

Fill out: definitely has a slight difference it denotes to filling out only the required information (which have been asked in the form). For example; if we take the above scenario while filling out the form the task what we perform is to fill out the details only which are interrogated in the form. Therefore, we just fill it out as per the requirement.

Thus, these terms hold a contrast between - however, both are used as variant in place of another. So next time when using these terms you might need to reconsider!