Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Self Determination

If you enjoy doing something, but still have a conscious (whether right OR wrong) just keep on corresponding with this habit, eventually you will intuit a result and trust me a DECISION will occur from within.

It is usually said, that a person is mentally devastated when he is unable to comprehend his present state of life.

However, if you apply the introductory verse of this post in your life, I say you will not be disappointed. That's what it is (conscious & constant flow of repetitive attempts). If I sit in a corner and ponder as to what events were subject to my very own self determination I would end up with a blank page :-( I would hardly even jot down a single word. I see 'Self Determination' as a constant process of confusion which ultimately result into a virtuous verdict for oneself (yes!, why I say virtuous verdict for oneself, because; obviously your own interpretations won't be fruitful for the other) lets face it, isn't it true?

What events have self determined you? OR your character? You possibly have a personality today, due to your persistent efforts towards self determination.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"I would be happy to live-up another day rather killing myself by reminiscing on a grievous past". (Vincent Michael)

I find life completely open, I could say unlimited opportunities to mingle with different personalities. I usually encounter 10s (tens) of people with humorous psyche; everyday. Alas, its my character, it is what I'm that I prefer keeping myself reserved but its nothing I intend to do intentionally, it's just my conscious as I have the tendency of not trusting people at one glance, sometimes never.

How would you possibly describe a damaged moment of your life? How did you feel; remorseful right? I guess so.

It's not easy to recover instantaneously after getting damaged. It is a timely process, to some people it takes years sometimes a lifetime.