Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thankful – to you

I write this article today due to various events taking place in my life - events that have been miraculous for me in every way possible! I did try to ponder how/why/when these luxuries accompanied me in the journey and then I determined it was someone superior who blessed me with all of it. I was living a simple life with just work, family and religiousness. But suddenly my life took a tragic turn and things changed. What these things are will be discussed in the latter segment of this post, for the moment I want to confess this:

The one whom I have always entrusted gave me a platform where I found success with reputation. Before experiencing the almighty in my life I use to run behind success, money, a good job, a secure career…. Not knowing that what dwells in me is something much more than my desires. However, I switched my life-route then, I started relying on God, and instead of taking matters into my hands I designated him (God) to take control of my life. Sure enough! He entered and then I was tested at some stages where I knew I was weak, I would dangle – and that’s how through these events I learned that money is not everything. Let’s face it; money is the most important phenomena today worldwide. Each individual craves for it, if you lose a 1000 bucks your heart starts sinking as to why I had to spend it, why I had to utilize it, couldn’t I just save it? Each one knows his own response… but I now see life really satisfying… though trials would never end lest as I continue my journey – sufferings would arise and that’s where I got to stabilize myself. That said I would just like to share a small miracle of my life with my blog readers.

It so happened that I was running after money, saving had become an important part in my life, although I couldn’t save a single penny due to major expenses arising each month; but still had the greed to secure some in the bank. I did so; after some days an event came up and my life savings :0( had to be withdrawn it was like a blow in my face, anyhow, I managed to suffer this trauma :-s repeatedly as these events took place and I lost courage. It wasn’t late when I sat in one corner and thought calmly what is missing? Why such happenings are outpouring on me alone? Various questions were swirling around my head; but being religiously involved in religious practice I learned that one should rely on God and he’ll grant you everything! …

I confided in him and soon started getting results it’s not it was my first time that I trusted or relied on him; but it was just through my heart that I accepted his providence in my life. Ever since I have been really blessed with wonderful surprises even I do face losses every-now- and- then, nevertheless the feeling to lose money or letting go-off it doesn’t bother me anymore. I just live a simple life; if the money has to come it just comes, it goes like this fellas “THOU PROVIDE IT FOR SOME CAUSE – ONCE THE PURPOSE IS ACHIEVED IT VANISHES”.

I would just like to thank all my loved ones for helping me struggle in life, being there for me in hard times. Always standing beside to support me unconditionally…