Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Good Cause (helping animals)

Dear viewers today I want to share something very vital. I’m so happy that I encountered this informational article on international publication news agency DAWN run by “Pakistan Herald Publication (Pvt.) Ltd. Before heading to the crux of my post let me build the awaiting anticipation by my mind boggling techniques.

               Have you ever seen abuse on animals? You passing by a valley and sighted cruelty on a poor dumb animal? All you could do was to see the little creature beat up and then walk away. Thinking of it whole day, questioning yourself what if I would have done something? Isn’t there a welfare who looks after such animals?

I’m here to inform you, think no more! There is an organization who you can approach. Two personalities Maheen Zia and Mahera Omar (film makers) and resident of Karachi took this initiative to establish this institution titled PAWS (Pakistan Animal Welfare Society). They do not have any office yet but operate and help spread the voice of the voiceless by WORLDWIDEWEB. Further details are down for your notation.

Web: http://pawspakistan.org
It contains all the necessary information that you need to help those poor animals.

Vet clinics: a list of VET clinics in different cities of Pakistan along with address and doctors’ name is available at this link.

Emergency contacts: helpline of Edhi 115 and PAWS is available for any CALL OF DUTY.

 Nevertheless, how can I forget the most important part, one can adopt pets by contacting this organization. They have mix breed of animals and types too. Stray and pets. Do not be shamed if they are stray, even we are stray when born, and our parents teach us how to live about. In the same manner you parenting the poor animal can make a difference.

The information is good enough my dear readers for you to equip and make a difference. It is my request to my readers to promote the initiative of this organization. Animal lovers out there would be vigilant I hope after reading it.

I would like to share a proverb which I read at the link of the DAWN article, it goes like this.

“The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members”